What's new in Apache Impala, December 13th, 2015

Henry Robinson / Sun 13 December 2015

Our first blog post in three months! Apologies for the slow pace of updates, but as you can see below we've had our hands full!

Stats: * Too many changes to count!

Impala is now Apache Impala (incubating)

Perhaps the biggest news is that we proposed that the Apache Incubator establish Impala as an incubating 'podling'. We wrote a proposal, discussed it with the folks over at the Incubator, and held a vote in the Apache way to decide on Impala's admission. We're delighted to say that the vote passed, and that Impala is now officially an ASF incubating project!

What this means for the project is that we'll actively move more and more of our development processes to the ASF, and adopt the 'Apache Way' more completely as the manner in which Impala is developed. We hope that this helps us grow not only the user community, but also the developer community. ASF projects are designed to be run in such a way that community-building is core to everything they do, and we're pretty excited about having a larger development community form around Impala. Watch this space for details!

Impala 2.3.0 was released!

Impala 2.3.0 has been released as part of CDH5.5.0. You can see the set of changes here.

One huge new feature is the ability to query complex types like ARRAY, MAP and STRUCT in Apache Parquet-backed tables. Alex Behm, who led the development of the feature, wrote a great blog introducing them from a user's perspective.


We are actively looking towards the next version of Impala, which will hopefully be the first one released as an incubator project. More details to come!