Welcome to the Apache Impala (incubating) development blog. Impala is a modern, massively-distributed, massively-parallel, C++ query engine that lets you analyze, transform and combine data from a variety of data sources.

Check out the source on github, and read the blog posts below to find out what's going on deep in Impala's internals.

Please note: Impala is now an Apache Incubator project. We are in the process of moving links, source code and mailing lists to Apache Software Foundation-managed infrastructure. Please bear with us while we make the transition!

Blog entries

Sun 13 December 2015

What's new in Apache Impala, December 13th, 2015
A lot can change in three months!

Sat 05 September 2015

What's new in Impala, September 5th, 2015
New this week: Countdown to Impala 2.3.0, Parquet tutorial, more

Mon 31 August 2015

Dynamic progress reports in the Impala Shell
Live progress and detailed summary updates in the Impala Shell coming in 2.3!

Fri 28 August 2015

What's new in Impala, August 28th 2015
New this week: SSL improvements, nested types, column auth.

Sun 23 August 2015

Contributing to Impala
Impala welcomes your contributions - here's how you can get involved.

Fri 21 August 2015

What's new in Impala, August 21st 2015
New this week: NLJ for real, CASCADE for DROP DB, query generator for Hive.

Fri 14 August 2015

What's new in Impala, August 14th 2015
New this week: analytic functions, more nested types work, bug fixes